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Welcome To The Stupid Crap Website!

You've reached the stupid crap website created by a guy named Rich and co-created by a guy named Sisco.
Many of the things you read here will sound so off the wall or out of context you'll think we are retarded. I assure you...we are not. Anyway, enjoy the site anyway you please, or don't enjoy it, whatever.

This site will be updated every so often, whenever we feel like it.

Damn, its been a long time since I, Rich, the creatOr, has even been on this crap! You I've been all busy y todo. Rockin' and Rollin and what not. But here it tis, kinda, the update to the website that has the most crap in the world.!


Listing Site Updates

Lots of stuff have been added:
New Bad Asses and Shit List
        New Random Pics Page
             New Old Bad Asses
                       New Quote(s)        
                         Random Pics

Maybe Some other stuff that I forgot about...

Lot of old school


This week's "What U Did Today" quote is..

"If I were rich, I'd be poor. I would waste my money on crap." -ME!

Under this there is a link. Click on it and a new window will open. Just click "OPEN" and you will start to download a small wav. file. It's Sisco raping the old classic "Taps" on my trumpet. Check it out, its great!  It made me spit milk at the screen. -Rich

Sisco Raping My Trumpet

This is a long story...

Well...Sisco was singing something about Pampers and I said Huggiez...so we both agreed on Pampers being the better brand of diapers because Huggiez just wraps crap all over your ass and is nasty...because it's crap HUGGED around your bum...

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