The Simpsons!

This page is dedicated to my favorite quotes from The Simpsons. I want to give credit to Fox,, Matt Groening and the rest of the crew behind the Simpsons. And please don't sue me. Im poor, thats why I'm saying thanks and giving you guys all the credit! If you guys have any more quotes that are your favorites my AIM s/n is BadAssGuitarron or email me at . Thanks!

Bart The Lover

Marge: Well theres acutally only one. Its more of a love post card. Of some brewery he visited.
Homer: Maybe it's the beer talking, Marge. But you've got a butt that wont quit. They've got these big chewy pretzels here :undecipherable slurring: five dollars? Get outta here.

Children of a Lesser Clod

Bill Cosby: Now my good man, what do you like to play?
Kid: Pokemon!
Bill Cosby: Pokemon!? Pokemon with the poke and the mon and the thing where the guy comes out of the thing, and he makes a fraaagh fr fra aagh aagh aagh!
Homer: Hehe.. that is the darndest thing!

Apu: Hello, I'd like to take advantage of your baby prison.
Marge: Uuh, we're calling it daycare.
Apu: Yes, whatever just take them.
Homer: Oh, aren't they sweet. Any medical things I should know about?
Apu: :running: Yes, probably.

Arny: I can see them right below me, I'm going to try to nail the driver with one of my shoes.
Kent: Arny, please leave this to the police.
Arny: Im sick of being a reporter, I wanna make the news!
Kent: Arny this is not the time.
Arny: Your not the time Kent! YOUR NOT THE TIME!

Arny: He's jumping out of the car Kent! Hes trying to climb over the fence! Now hes realizing hes too fat. Hes digging a hole like a dog! Now hes given up on that and hes running back and forth! Hes climbing into a pipe and he seems to be stuck! His legs are dangling in a comical fashion! Oh its the saddest thing I've ever seen!
Kent: Arny, Arny, how are the children?

A Hunka Hunka Burns in Love

Snake: You're looking good, baby. Why did we ever break up?
Gloria: You pushed me out of a moving car!
Snake: The cops were chasing us I needed to lighten the load. And, um.. protect you. Ha ha.

Burns: How could this ever have happened?
Kent: Well according to our audience insta-poll, 46% say you're too old. And 37% say: she's a skank!

Wiggum: We'll track down Simpson with your vehicles anti-theft system.
System: Car gone! Car gone!
Wiggum: Yeah, we know that. Where has it gone to?
System: Cargon! Cargon! Cargon!

Homer the Moe

Lisa: Where's Bart? His Mountain Dew is getting flat.
Marge: That's odd! He's outside digging!
Homer: Probably digging for drugs..
Marge: There's no drugs out there..
Homer: No of.. course not.

Russian Woman: After Chernobyl, my penis is falling off.
Moe: And "penis" is Russian for?

Russian Woman: All this yelling is taking away my horny.

Homer: :singing It's The End Of The World As We Know It: Leonoid whats his name. Herman Munster Motorcade. Birthday party Cheetos. Pogo sticks and Lemonade. You symbiotic stupid jerk, that's right Flanders, I am talking about you!
Lenny: How'd you get REM to play in your garage?
Homer: I told them it was a benefit. They think they're saving the rainforest!


Duffman: Duff beer is brewed from hops, barley, and sparkling clear mountain... what?
Titania: Goat!
Duffman: Eh.. close enough!
Homer: Aah! You can really taste the goat!

Titania: Eew! You said if I slept with you I wouldn't have to touch the drunk!
Duffman: Duffman says a lot of things! Oh Yeah!

Duffman: That brown patch needs a little H20. Oh Yeah!
Moe: Hey Duffman, lets see how you like a sticker on your face!
Duffman: Duffman, can't breathe. Oh no! Oh!


Barting Over

Tony Hawk: Hey! Blink 182!
Mark: We have names you know!
Tony Hawk: Whatever.. you can crank it up!
Tom: Dude, lets trash this place.
Travis: After we get paid.
Tom: Niiice.

Homer: Mr. Hawk, may I have a word with you?
Tony: An extreme word?
Tony: I didn't say extreme to the max!