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Stupid Quotes

This is where you will find our stupid quotes that will NOT make any sense to you...

Stupid banana...

The cross breed of Jerry Sienfeld and Henry Winkler that you see here is Rich's creation...

EYYY!!! What's the deal with THAT!? EYYY!!!

The Black Hand
(While watching T.V.)
(Rich's dog Pepper barking in the back)
Peppzor: "BARK BARK RUFF!"
Rich: "SHUTTA UP!"
Peppzor: "BARK BARK RUFF!"
Rich: "Dammit!" (gets up)
Rich: "What are you bark...ARGH! SISCO CALL 911!"
Sisco: "Why?"
Rich: "911!"
Sisco: "Ok." (picks up the phone)
Rich (on his cell phone): "HELLO 911!?"
Sisco (looks at the phone, confused) "Ok..."

Good Ol' Rennie
Rene (in the bush during a game of paintball): "SISCO!"
Sisco: "What?"
Rene: "Where's Rick?"
Sisco: "He's up on the cliff."
Rene: "Oh, Ok."
Sisco: "Where is his dad?"
Rene: "Right over there." (points to the top of the cliff)
Sisco: "Uh, that's Rick..."
Rene: "...Oh."
(Rene then gets shot in the face with a paintball by Rich's dad)

(Sisco While Watching "The Predator")
Arnold Schwarzenegger: "GET TO THE CHOPPER..."
Sisco(in Arnold's Voice): "GET TO THE CHOPPA!"
Rich: "What?"
Sisco: "CHOPPA!!!"

Real T.V.
(Sisco is at Rich's house watching the good ol' T.V.)
TV: "Tell a friend your watching Real T.V.!"
Sisco: "HEY RICK!"
Rich(in the Kitchen): "WHAT?"
Sisco: "I'm watching Real T.V.!"
Rich: "Ok..."
Sisco: "The T.V. told me to tell you!"
Rich: "......"

Mimi...what can I say...what can anyone say?!
Rich to Sisco: "Did you Come Original yet?"
Sisco: "Of course."

"Fucking Michael"