Stupider Quotes

More Stupid Ish That Will Probally Not Make Any Sense To You...

Sisco: "Hey dood, what you got for eat?"
Rich: "Well, we got these." (Holds up a box of "Yummy Yummy Dino Buddies", chicken tenders shaped as dinosaurs)
Sisco: "Ok, whatever, food is food."
(Rich starts to make the Dino Buddies)
Sisco (standing in front of the microwave): "Mmmmmmm, Sexy Sexy Dino Buddies."


(While watching "Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers")
Reina: "Didn't Ganondorf die?" (She meant Gandalf not Ganondorf from Legend Of Zelda. She thinks its the same person)
Rich: "Ganondorf? No, Gandalf died."
Reina: "Then who's that?"
Rich: "Gandalf."
Reina: "But you said he died."
Rich: "Yeah, but he's back in white form."
Reina: "Then wheres' Ganondorf?"
Rich: "Fighting Link."
Reina: "Is Link that elf?"
Rich: "Yes, but not that one." (Points to Legolas)
Reina: "SEE! This is why I don't like this movie!"

Sisco: "I've never had Horchata this thick before, you have to chew it."

(Sisco while watching the Matrix Reloaded and playing with a bean bag lizard and making the lizard dance copying the dance/massive orgy scene in the movie, he randomly says "WHOOP" and makes the lizard fall in a comical fashion).

In Kazakstan Quotes

(Reina ask Damian This Question after 7 Shots Of Vodca)

Reina: "Hey Damian, whats the capital of Arizona?"
Damian: "Tucson!!"
Reina: "Phoenix."
Damian: "Phoenix?! Phoenix is a Country!!"

(Damian drunk yet again)

Rich: "Damian, whats the capital of Arizona?"
Damian: "Your Mother Son! Your Mother!!" (Gets up and starts to hump the table)

Dominic: (In a English Accent) "How would you like to suck my left nut??"

Roy: (Trying to pick up on a girl ON the PLANE) "So........Flying Somewhere?

Key Concepts for English 101

My sister, Reina took English 101 at the U of A and she had a Oriental Teacher, no one could understand what the hell she was saying. So my sister, being the smart one she is, teamed up with some dude named Barry (I think). They came up with this list of "Key Concepts".

Whats She Said----What We Thought We Heard--Examples

Quote---Code/Coat---This is a good Coat.
Focus---Fucker---Fucker Harder
Probaly--Pro-wa-we---Yeah pro wa-we
Kyle-- Kyla--Kyla!
"Little Red" (as in Little Red Ridding Hood)--Little Rat--No Example
Context---Contest---The Contest says
Author--Arthur---The Author is...
Difficultes---Difficultays--I some time have Difficultays speakin English
Journals--Yournose--Write in yournose
Blues--Boots--I like listening to the boots
Start--Estart--Estart now!
Writting---Ryeteen-- You will be ryeteen a lot
Reina--Reyn--(no example she would just give up)
Movie--Moovae--We'll Be watching a Moovae next week
Essay---Assy---You will be Ryeteen a lot of Assy
Music--Moo-sic--- The boots are good Moo-sic
Text---Test---Read the Test!
Idea--I-D-R (Ideer)--I have a good I-D-R
Annotated--Ano-to-to--Ryetee a Ano-to-to
Excused-Excurse--Your Excurse from the Text(trying to say Test)
Special---Speshure--Your Speshure Reyn...
Photography--Photo......graphy--- No example
Be--Bay---Bay good
Story--Sto-away---Read the Sto-away in the test
Pleased--Playsd--Im very Playsd
Xiaohong Xu---Chow-on-you--no example
Thesis--Seesis---Ryte a Seesis
The Effects of Drugs---The effets of Drusg---Exactly
Harlem--Harley----Harley New York
Martin Luthur King-- Martain Looser Cane--No Example
Rules--Rolls--Follow my rolls
Tab-Tap--No Example
Colon--Colum---No Example
Third--Surd--The Surd answer is...

Thats the English 101 Key Concepts. Instead of taking notes on material needed for the class, Reina took notes to understand the teacher...The Irony was that she didn't know how to speak english but taught it to U of A freshmen.

Reina: "I got a C in her class because, Everytime she would review an essay with me or with anyone she would say Yea, Shure. I didn't know if she was just humoring us or was serious, or even being sarcastic."

At lunch with my mom and sister:

Mom (to the dog) "Im sorry barbie, Rich ate your taco".
Reina: "Heh...Rick ate the dog's beef taco....heh"


Good Ol Damian Back at it

Well last week, the week of July 6th to the 10th. I was never home always out and about. I crashed at Carlos's house on Friday because people were kicking back at his house and I didn't want to go home. Anywho, Damian passed out after a good workout with his "friend" and finger....hehe....OLD SCHOOL STYLE huh Damian? Well after that he started to hump a cactus and saying is was my sister. I threw rocks HARD. Big ones... but later on he droped dead asleep on the sofa. It was about 2:30 or 3:00 am and I stupid ass was hungry so I bitched untill someone went to Viva Burrito and Steven, Jason and Wes ended up going. To pass the time I asked Carlos if he had any markers I could use to right on Damian's face. He did so I wrote "Fuck this on his arm" it had an arrow poiting to his arm pit. I also wrote PENIS on his fore head. Then his brothers got back and saw it and laughed. We ate and wrote some more, but this time it wasn't me it was Wes. Wes wrote all over his body. Damian didn't feel anything not even when we picked up his arm, hit him of the forehead, tickled him with a duster, pulled up his shirt to write a big nazi symbol and KKK all over him. He woke up and said , Rich! You ass hole! And fell back asleep. It could have been funnier but he didn't pee him self this time....or did he?

Great Shit Man

Rich's Mom: Mijo! Wake up its time for school!
Rich (Still Asleep): IM ON MY WAY! (saluting her in a Nazi Fashion, almost like she was Hitler and I were his minion)
Rich's Mom: "Ok........" (walks away slowing yelling for Reina) 


While I (Rich) was hanging out with Carlos and Jason we stopped at a Eegee's to get food and what not. Then we went to Carlos' house to eat and watch a Jeeper's Creepers 2, but before, at the table, Carlos says
Rich: Thats what made the car smell, Jason's small and stinky 6in Beef.
Carlos: Why did you get a 6in Jason?
Jason: Because I can't handle a footlong like you Carlos.
Carlos: But that 6in isn't gonna get you full, you should have gotten a footlong.
Jason: My 6in is big enough for me.
Carlos: Yeah but my footlong is better, wanna try it?
Jason: No, Im happy with my 6in.
Rich: HAHA! This is gonna go on my site!
Carlos: Dude, I can finish my footlong, you eat it.
Rich and Jason: NOO!
Carlos: My sister will eat it tomorrow.

These are Guero's Toys. One is Gizmo...Kinda...The other dog type thing is something that looks like its the pet of the Terminator. But is actually one of those dogs that barks and flipps and junk..Well It did...