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Check Out Mario Twins And All Episodes Of Retarted Animal Babies
Of Course, I'm Going To Link 311's Site
The Last Exit To Springfield

Last Exit To Springfield
Take A Minute And Chill
Ericka's Drunken Place Of Fun
Retarted Animal Babies!

This is Ericka's web page. Very nice site. Check it out now!

The Shadowlands


Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan's Home Page

A freaky deaky ghosts and paranormal related website. Check it out! The baby's a saiyan!

El Mariachi

Reina's Home Page

These are musical scales. Something every musican should know. I wrote them so give thanks to me!

Music Scales
Its not porn or anyting but its from his trip to DC for the NSCL Convention. Peter is also a smart kid. But my friend.
This is Peter's Site

This is where all the national drama goes on in the world of Mariachi