Rock On, Rockers.

People That Rock

The New Era of Rockers.

John Mayer. No one beats this 26 year old at guitar.
Link, he may be a mute but man o' man hes a bad ass

Adam Sandler

Will Sasso Funny Funny Man. Then when he does Kenny Rogers on MAD TV....
Dodge Viper. You Find a hotter car. I am aware of the fact that this is a Car and not a person, JERK!

Johnny Knoxville
Some of the guys from Jackass

Black Eyed Peas.
I Hate Rap, but I like Jay Z

Pharrell, great producer and awsome artist
Mariachi Vargas

Jimi Hendrix
Another Bad Ass Guitarist Sevie Ray Vaughn

Bobby Lee
Jay and Silent Bob

Dave Chappelle

The Crew of Super Mario
Adam and Jimmy...and JUGGIES!!

GŁero vs Reina
George Lopez