Shitiest People Alive

Ye Olde' Shit List

This is the opposite of the "People Who Rock" page. This is our "Ye Olde Shit List". You'll find people we hate, think are annoying, and that are ugly.

This is all just an opinion. O.P.I.N.I.O.N. Don't get all butt-hurt and/or butt-chapped if you like these people. Im sure that their all good....all something but not to me.


Ruben Suddards? or Suddars or Whatever...

Clay Akien

He just creps me out man. A fly on my wall watching me? Shit if you were a fly looking at me or my sister....You'd be so dead lil rat faced dude. You should give my ex a call, shes into freaky shit, like bugs and what not..

Huge Grant

Hes all right, I can handle him as a person but as a actor....

I could be a better Pepsi Girl than her!

Lil turd face....

Barbara Striesand


The View....Waste of TV Space

Bette Midler