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The Bass Player's Page

Well, what can I say? I just got back from Kazakstan and it was great. Good vodka, nice women, and BEER, all for the low, low price of two bucks or so. Everything was great! From Dominic's giant snow balls to Baja's crazy talk about "prrrommarroomas" (he was trying to say program). But on the down side, I ate horse. 'Twasn't bad, it tasted like roast beef, just cold. Oh yeah, there was no ice and I hate hot tea now, but other than that it was great. I would go back anytime.

Music- 311, Sublime, Pink Floyd, Foo Fighters, Green Day and many others.
Musica- Mariachi Vargas, America de Jesus Rodriguez de Hija, and of course, Tucson's very own Mariachi Cobre.

Hobbies- Music, paintball, mariachi and video games.

Fav. Games- Metroid, Legend of Zelda, Mega-Man and the Resident Evil series.
         Songs- Come Original, Por Amor, De Repente and Amor Ajeno.
         Book- Me read?! HA!
         Movies- Scarface and Super Troopers.
         Food- Pizza and Sushi

That's Me...

That's me in the middle of the picture.
I play guitarron for two groups.
I also play some guitar, not mariachi though.
That's also Ruben, Steven, and Roy's leg in there too.
I'm fine....
That's The Salpointe Mariachi Monarca

This is the group I play with under direction of Ruben M. Moreno.
The group is from left to right...
1st line is: Reina (my sister), Elyse, Damian, Krystle, Dominic, and Ana.
The 2nd line is: Ruben, Steven, Me and Roy.

Thanks to the Almaty Sister Cities Group for the pics.

Oh Yeah...

Thats me at a resturant in Kazastan with a monk-dude greeting me...

Thats Me On Bass

Thats me playing guitarron at one of our summer practices. It just looks like I'm throwing the finger.

The Stinker

That's our dog, Barbie. She stinks. Reina says "She's my stinky poof".  I didn't name her.

Thats me at the Mariachi Christmas Concert In Phoenix

Thats is one of the bad asses from Mariachi Vargas, Arturo Vargas

Thats me and Martine from Mariachi Los Camperos



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Rich's Cum Blaster

Thats my paintball gun. Its a custom Spyder Shutter Blue
Set up- 12v Revy Hopper, Extra 16in PMI Razzor Barrel (Not Shown), Polished Internals, Kingman Spyder Sprint Frame, 20oz co2, 12in Coiled Remote, Tasco Laser Sight With Pressure Senser, and Bandits Bolts Rear Cocking N-Blot 

"The Internet? Is That Thing Still Around?"

That's it for now...

Rock On! Woo! Yah, Rock!