Ye Olde Stupid Whore!!

How did the Ye Olde Whore Become the Yee Olde Whore??

Well the Whore became the Whore by a series of events that she has done to many people at my school, hell even at other schools. She makes people wanna kill each over with lies and her fantasic way of life. Just looking at her makes you want to throw a pregnacy test at her. Other females have told me that they get a weird vibe around her. Guys hate her but the only they hang around her is because they get a lil somethin' somethin' on the side. She loves to make other realtionships go to shit by saying something or other. Her identity will remain unkown till she does something to piss me off... Until then the legend of the Ye Olde' Whore will remain, well its gonna remain as the Legend of The Ye Olde' Whore.